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  • Application and Network Security
  • Product Security IoT
  • Penetration testing - investigative tests of security
  • Mobile Apps
  • Contracting services
  • RFID technologies, custom tags and crypto support
  • Computer Programming and embedded systems (firmware) PLC H-ladder
  • Technical writing and illustrations
  • International product support for international resellers & manufacturers
  • Control networks, radio systems, Low voltage power distribution and design
  • CAD Services
  • Robotics and Robotic controls
  • Field Service Support
  • Product Design
  • Prototype to short run production

Featured Work

Tired of people photographing you in public? Our revolutionary new design keeps you safe and allows businesses to safe guard against perpetrators at the same time.

Fence Clip, attaching a fence has never been easier. Fence Clip. Special, America made and American made screws too! Professional licensed discounts available.

A new firefighting system for wild fire suppression and protection. Taking some of the danger element out of some very dangerous work. If you are a fire professional contact us for more information on this new revolutionary innovation today!

The lost knowledge directive. Every person has a story and a life time of knowledge. Many of our seniors feel they have nothing to contribute any longer. When you listen to their stories they have a lot to contribute and we need to capture this knowledge now before it is lost. Sabrecross has joined to save this information from our senior population, before it is too late.

Why Us?

Can you remember the last company that you worked with that really did a great job and was absolutely fantastic on that particular need? As you think about that vendor and what it was about that company that was so special. Feel free to allow yourself to reflect on how Sabrecross is the same kind of vendor and you can draw the same types of conclusions. We really want you to know how excited we are about how we can help you.

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Fast, Affordable and Professional. Made in America! Sabrecross delivers on time, as promised and never an excuse. You will see the results immediately. Contact us today and let's make something together.


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Using AWS? Hackers have released a search tool known as Buckhacker that allows users to search the Amazon Web Services cloud platform for sensitive data.Buckhacker is a tool that trawls servers at Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS provides data storage to private firms, governments, universities, among others, perhaps even you. In our opnion, if so, you might as well send out your breach notices now. Exposed data has been found on AWS before, but Buckhacker makes searching for it much easier. The name comes from the fact that AWS Simple Storage Servers (S3) are known as "buckets" - this is the part of AWS that Buckhacker accesses. Think twice before using any cloud service You cannot control, secure and virtualize you do not own.

The new Kroll Annual Global Fraud & Risk Report says 86% of companies worldwide experienced security incidents, information theft and loss in the past twelve months.
70% of organizations worldwide suffered at least one security incident during the past year - up from 68% in the previous year, Kroll found.
Meanwhile, security incidents, information theft and loss hit 86% of companies in the past twelve months. The report also shows that physical theft or loss of intellectual property most commonly occured security incidents, 41%. Early two-thirds of companies said incidents due to fraud 65%, cyber 67%, and security 66% incidents had damaged their reputations. 23% say their company suffered losses of 7% or more in revenues.

Survey: 45% of business owners don't realize being victimized by cyberattacks: Insurance firm Nationwide surveyed more than 1,000 business owners across the US and found that 45% of those who experienced phishing, hacking or other forms of cyberattacks were unaware that the incident was a cyberattack. Fifty-seven percent of respondents do not have someone dedicated to monitoring cyberattacks, with 37% citing cost as a barrier, and 34% said they do not believe they would be targeted by an attack, the survey found.

Fileless cyber attacks are on the increase. What are they you ask? If you run a certain operating system that utilizes a registry you.ll want to pay close attention. Memory-only threats run in a computer's memory, with nothing written to a file or disk;. Machines disinfect (erase the fileless malware) themselves when they reboot or restart, leaving no trace. Fileless persistence ensures attacks reload new even after a restart and disinfect/quarantine, with the most popular strategy imbedding a malicious script inside a computer registry.Cleaner dual-use tools are clean tools used legitimately by a computer's owner, but can be co-opted by hackers to their own benefit or downloaded afterward. The big one to watch for we cannot say enough about disabling some of these features or making sure you are updating regularly. Non-Portable Executable (non-PE) file attacks are attacks not using binary executable (EXE) or dynamic-link library (DLL) files. Visual Basic Script, JavaScript and PowerShell are the three basic examples commonly seen. Each can complete the same tasks but look different doing so, thereby avoiding detection. Pass the word and be prepared.

Be afraid for your data. 65% of federal agencies have had a data breach! Sixty-five percent of federal agencies have fallen victim to a data breach in the past, while one-third have been hacked in the past year, the 2017 Thales Data Threat Report said. The report also found that 96% of respondents deemed their agencies "vulnerable" to attacks, and 61% are boosting cybersecurity spending this year. ( like that is going to fix it. Stupidity at its finest.)

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