Fence Clip

WANTED! The most unusual way to secure a fence!

Then see the better way!

Come on! Admit it! We've all used the "L" word. It has four letters and means something different to everyone! You know which one I am referring to right? Sometimes we use it daily. Have you guess the word? If you haven't that is okay. In a moment I am going to give you a few examples, something you may have heard from someone else. Ready? This is a temporary fix and it should hold. I'll be back to fix it later. It is backordered! That is all that was available, so we did the best we could with what we had. Absolutely, that should hold! Manana! Sure it is stong enough to keep an elephant in. Any of these sound familiar? If so, then ask yourself, why seek out the method that is the least cost effective, time wasting, do over option possible? Isn't your time and energy worth more? Do you like repeating things? Do you like wasting time and money on inferior soultions when there is a superior one?

Fence Clip

  • 100% metal
  • Will not rust
  • Will not pull out
  • Cost effective
  • Time saver
  • Clean professional look
  • Will not shear or break
  • Paintable


Can you imagine, and see the benefits clearly of how Fence Clip will help your business and is exactly what you are looking for?

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Easy Install


One simple self tapping screw and fence clip will make any wire fence job easier. Buy now you can clearly see the advantages of utilizing Fence clip in you next install. Have you noticed that just thinking about the business we are discussing will cause you to get excited. It certainly does for us!

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Made 100% in the USA. A prepackaged standard pack contains 100 clips. For independent sales convenient quantity packs are on tap. Contact your sales representative or use our online cart for pricing and availability. Bulk boxes are procurable in three sizes, 1,000, 2,500 and 5,000 clips. Self drilling (tapping) screws can be purchase in two different lengths, one length for vinyl fence rails and posts. The second for wood posts. Contact us today & and let's make something together.


Finally a product 100% Made in the USA! We started using Fence clips two years ago for our clients. Easy to use and works with all materials. In over 300,000 clips installed there has been no failures. No rusting in some of the harsh evironments available.
I use Fence Clip on our family farm. Fence Clips are strong enough to keep cattle in and are very easy to install.
Our HOA was hounding me because our fencing contrator used zip ties to keep our inner dog fence secure. Every few months we were out changing zip ties. I was desperate to find a solution and then we heard about Fence Clip. We replaced all the zip ties with Fence Clips. Fence Clip has remained solid for over a year. I recommend Fence Clip to everyone I know. Best of all our HOA is considering adding Fence clip to our CC&R's, it is that good.
Securing chicken wire can be a daughting task. We were losing chickens to something that was strong enough to pop the staples off the posts. We used baling wire, and even nails. The fence would stretch or break from the repair. That is when I discovered Fence Clip. Not only did it hold the chicken wire secure, Fence Clip kept teh wire undamaged after install. Haven;t lost a single chicken to fence failure in the last 6 months. Save yourslef time and frustration try Fence Clip. I know I am glad I did.
We use Fence Clip exculsively for all our installations. Productive increased and service warranty work was reduced by 50%. Now my crews will not do an install without them. Fence Clip is worth every penny.
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