Products and Services

Cyber Security

  • Application and Network Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration testing - investigative tests of security
  • Network Security Monitoring
  • SOC procedural manuals and framework
  • Security Intelligence tools
  • Turnkey systems and training

Phage Flight

Phage playfield.

Now for Andriod and Iphone. A bacteriophage (Phage) is a virus that infects and replicates within a bacterium. Can you convert all the infected pieces into your color by staying one step ahead? Multiple playfields included! Click for larger Playfield image

Fence Clip

One simple self tapping screw and fence clip will make any wire fence job easier

Fence Clip.


Fence Clip.

See the benefits clearly how Fence Clip will help you and your business prosper.

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Engineering Support

On time, On budget everytime. We make the impossible, possible.



A quick plug for some of our featured services. Not only do we support most major PLC's and systems. We do H ladder programming, configuration software, software for machine-level visualization, all the way to powerful SCADA systems, making HMI as efficient as possible, with more flexibility, transparency and openness.

Magnetic Mood

Made 100% in the USA. Sometimes we take on unusual projects as we did with this device. As crazy as it sounds, it really works. We developed this Magnetic pacer in conjunction with a PHD in Psychology to control environmental noise that is constantly waving over the body. The Device can calm or can create hyperactivity. Why do we bring up the strange? Or ideas that are not well understood? Why not? The core for this unit was a challenge as it required several non compatible elements to be fused for optimum operation. We designed the entire unit and sourcing all the production. Contact us today & let's make something today.

Customers Current and Past

To continue the work of the Evergreen Project, where preserving the life story and experiences of every Senior individual is their mission. Many Seniors believe they have nothing to contribute. The fact is they have a lot to contribute, if one will just listen. Things like, processes, history, life experiences are disappearing at an alarming rate. Knowledge we will never see again unless we start preserving it now. Sabrecross is building the systems and utilizing our New RFID tag in this environment. Watch as this project unfolds, then get involved in helping us preserve knowledge that will be lost to future generations if we do not act. New RFID tag with full security memory locking, inventory and customer access. These custom RFID Tags are installed in new state of the art Levis Stadium, Santa Clara California. The applications are endless. So contact us with your requirement.
Who are some of our clients? Anchor Automation, BYWD Inc, Netlink Inc. ADP, Fund Raisers, Northern Tech, Raython, Associated Laser and individuals just like you.
Subcontract in PLC coding for a large aluminum Rolling plant utilizing Allen Bradley and Fischer-Porter systems.
Gold Graphics, Promotional product companies, Artists, Artisians, crafters and Entrepreneurs.
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